Tools 4 Sketchup : Visualizing Visibility

Welcome to T4SU’s Doc Page

Welcome to T4SU’s Documentation page.

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What is T4SU ?

T4SU (Tools for SketchUp) is a SketchUp plugin, implemented in Ruby, that gives you the capability:

  • To couple SketchUp (the well-known CAAD tool) with the SOLENE simulation software developed in the CERMA lab.,
  • To achieve several (visual-based) morphological analyses in the urban fabric.

The analyses can be further split into two groups :

  • subjective analyses, pertaining to first-person visibility studies such as isovists
  • objective analyses, pertaining to sky views on one hand, and sun views on the other.

Related Scientific Publishings

T4SU has already been used in multiple scientific and academic papers, including :

  • Signorelli, V., & Leduc, T. (2016). De l’influence de la végétation et du relief dans la simulation de la ville à l’échelle du quartier. In J.-P. Goulette & B. Ferries (Eds.), SCAN’16 Toulouse – Séminaire de conception architecturale numérique : Mètre et paramètre, mesure et démesure du projet (pp. 125–134). Toulouse, France: PUN – Presses Universitaires de Nancy, Editions Universitaires de Lorraine. Retrieved from https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01363682/document
  • Signorelli, V., Leduc, T., & Chauvat, G. (2016). How far is far enough? Towards an adaptive and “site-centric” modelling integrating co-visibility constraints for optimal land use. In J.-S. Bailly, D. Griffith, & D. Josselin (Eds.), 12th Spatial Accuracy Assessment in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences (pp. 233–240). Montpellier, France. Retrieved from https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-01347157/document
  • Signorelli, V., Leduc, T., & Tourre, V. (2016). Ego-city – Automatic textual description of urban ambiences’ factors. In N. Rémy & N. Tixier (Eds.), Ambiances, demain | Ambiances, tomorrow | Ατμόσφαιρες, Αύριο, actes of the 3rd International Congress on Ambiances (pp. 541–546). Volos, Greece: International Ambiances Network & University of Thessalie, Department of architecture

T4SU was also presented during the Journées Solene 2016. You can find more information on

Citing T4SU

If you use T4SU in the context of your research, please cite the following paper :

K. Hartwell and T. Leduc. T4SU : analyses et représentations des vues du ciel , du soleil et des saillances paysagères dans le contexte d’un outil de CAO. In S. Bimonte, T. Devogele, and A. Hassan, editors, Atelier session démonstration – Conférence Spatial Analysis and Geomatics – SAGEO 2016, page 7, Nice, France, 2016.

https://sageo2016.sciencesconf.org/resource/page/id/7. hal-01402727